Google Ads Audit

Third-party audits from Sledgehammer Creative provide an added layer of expertise, ensuring your campaigns are finely tuned and poised for optimal performance.

Can you Improve your Google Ads Performance?

Is there wasted budged in your Google Ads Campaign? Are you sure your campaigns properly optimized? Are your ads missing valuable opportunities?

Wichita Google Ads Agency

If you’re running Google Ads through an agency or in-house marketing team, regular third-party audits are a critical insurance policy to ensure your getting the most of your advertising dollars. Google Ads Certification doesn’t guarantee quality, and just because you trust a person or an agency, doesn’t mean there isn’t room to improve. There’s ALWAYS room to improve.

Sledgehammer Creative offers Google Ads reviews and one-time audits to help to ensure your campaigns are properly constructed and optimized. We lend a second set of expert eyes to help you identify waste and make suggestions on how you can increase the return on your Google Ads investment.