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Fox Creek, a multi-family home development in Wichita, sought a logo design that captured the essence of its community. The project aimed to encapsulate the spirit of modern living within a serene, nature-infused environment.

Our design process began by delving into the unique characteristics of Fox Creek—its picturesque landscapes, the harmonious blend of urban amenities with natural beauty, and the sense of community that defines it. Inspired by the graceful flow of the creek and the presence of the fox, our approach centered on combining these elements into a symbolic representation. The outcome is a versatile logo that effortlessly adapts across various mediums, promising to leave a lasting impression and resonate with the target audience, enticing them to be part of the Fox Creek community.

Both the color and black and white logos for Fox Creek displayed on black and white pages.

Logo Design

Exterior signage featuring the Fox Creek Logo - Twin Homes Coming Soon

Outdoor Signage